Want to help out?

The AFMA Farmers – not only grow, harvest, clean, transport and set up their products for sale at the Ashfield Farmers Market- but they also submit an application and pay a fee to participate. These fees vary according to how often the vendor participates and range from $150/season to $25/day for a 10’x10’ tent space. Each vendor also volunteers for one of the following jobs:

Jobs for before the Market starts:

  • Write a AFM message on Community chalkboard @ Post Office

  • Set out AFM sign stored at the Ashfield Historical Society

  • Retrieve market cart, chairs, & cones from Gloria’s barn.

  • Bring market tent over from Ashfield Historical Society side porch and set up for musicians or over picnic table.

  • Prop front door and tidy up Episcopal Church bathroom to be used for the day.

  • Move cones to the opposite side of the street to block off parking after all or most vendors are set up.

  • Move picnic table to the center of the market tents.

Jobs for after the Market ends:

  • Pick up trash and compost at the end of the market and take trash to recycle center.

  • Break down market tent and return to the Historical Society side porch

  • Return AFM sign to Historical Society side porch

  • Collect cones from roadside and put in cart

  • Return market cart with, cones, chairs, and children’s books to Gloria’s barn

  • Tidy up and close up church bathroom and church front door.

  • Move picnic table back to the east edge of the Town Common

Would you be willing to help set up or breakdown the Market? Your assistance would be very much appreciated!

The Ashfield Farmers market has great potential! Please consider becoming involved in sustaining the Ashfield Farmers Market! To join the effort and/or to share your ideas and suggestions, email Sue and Donna at ashfieldfarmersmarket@gmail.com.